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Your Technology, Translated

Your Technology, Translated

Both Geek and English spoken here!

Technology: we love it. Widgets, gadgets and apps have revolutionised our lives – saving us time, money and hassle and making life far more entertaining.

But if you’re selling technology, you need someone who can explain its merits in a way that everyone understands – including those who don’t speak geek.

That’s where RHJ Media comes in - we specialise in working with technology companies who have brilliant products and services, but don’t have the time or the skills to make the most of them.

More Than Just Sparkling Copy

Whether it’s writing your new product brochures, demonstrating your product to potential clients or training your new channel partners – we will find the perfect way to get your message across. And if you’re not sure what the message should be, we can help with that too. Our services include:

  • Documentation/Copywriting
  • Training
  • Presentations/Demonstrations
  • Business Analysis

RHJ Media works with a wide range of clients from multi-national IT Security firms to universities and app developers.

We speak geek, but we also know how to translate big, complex concepts into the language of the real world - words that will fire your customers’ imaginations, even if they’re not fluent in techno-speak.

Find out more about who we are or contact us for more information.  

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